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Knotty Dog II
57 Nordhavn


A quick tour of Knotty Dog through the Salon, Pilot House, Flybridge, Staterooms & Engine Room











Under construction photo of the salon looking at the Galley, & then showing the complete Galley & Bar.












Under construction looking AFT port side, & then a finished view with the TV monitor in the raised position.





View looking AFT at settee.  Bar is to the right & TV behind the chairs to the left.







Turning 180 degree from the above photo you look forward to the Pilot house up 3 stairs.










Under construction looking at the helm.










Finished helm & the second photo show a glimpse of the instruments mounted above the helm.









Looking AFT, sliding hatch leads to the flybridge.  Book shelves to the right are above the settee with the table (covered with blue canvas) visible in the lower right corner.







Standing the hatch looking AFT.  Dinghy setting in special mounts and bicycles with covers are on the left.














Standing where the bicycles are looking forward is the fly bridge & 2 helm seats and a settee.









Entering the hatch in the above photo and continuing straight down the forward stairs, leads to a small hallway with the master stateroom to the left & the guest stateroom & head to the right.


This photo is looking into the guest stateroom.







Looking left from the above photo looks into the master stateroom.  The head is to the right.













Looking to the left is the desk & washer/dryer (doors are open on washer/dryer)









Standing in the shower and looking toward the master stateroom. 




























Opposite the galley a door & stairway leads to the engine room    (the holy place)


In the stair well is the main electrical panel, inverters, gen set, holding tank & water maker controls.







Entering the engine room and looking aft.  Main engine (John Deere 6025) is in foreground.













Standing beside the main engine looking aft at wing engine, central vac system & gen set to the far right.











Sitting beside wing engine looking forward at main with fuel manifold under workbench








Fuel transfer manifold system


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