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I was told, when I moved up here, that the snow never sticks!! 














Some scenes around town



I was also told....... that it does not stay on the ground more than a day










More photos from the snow on Dec 21st.  If you have been to Roche Harbor you will enjoy seeing it in the winter dress.  Look at the swans & duck in the pond across from Duck Soup.



Well, I'm a bit ticked off today. 

Bah humbug. 


Well, my primary job around here has always been chasing off the darn deer that eat all mom's expensive plants. 

I'm very good at my job and the pay is pretty good as I have been able to stock pile loads of chicken strips as rewards and others, not as tasty, you know those tasteless healthy dry dog biscuits that I hide through out the property for leaner times.  The bad economy hasn't affected the value of my stock pile so far though. 




Well, that is until now, as my stock pile is diminishing and it's not because of Fanny and Freddie.  Nope it's because of the snow and those gall darn deer.  All of a sudden I can't chase the deer off the property because "they are hungry and are having a hard time finding food!" 


What?  I can't believe my ears! 


In fact, we've been putting out cracked corn for them of all things.  Once mom and dad saw the local mamma deer bring her youngsters by to fill up on cracked corn that we normally put out for the birds everything changed.  That was the end of my lucrative career chasing the deer off the property. 


Today though was the last straw as it now seems to be a regular stop on the deer's route now.  The mamma deer and babies came by again strutting past my window look out as if she owns the place  and this time I officially was NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE to scare them off and I wasn't even allowed to BARK!  Meanwhile those stupid deer's ate all the cracked corn and as if that wasn't enough, they then headed over to the bird feeder and started eating out of that too! 

In fact I think this stupid deer is French Canadian from just over the border as she worked her tongue into those feeding holes like she had plenty of practice French Kissing!  Who ever heard of a stupid deer eating bird seed?  What an idiot! 







She even licked her chops at me to show how tasty it was.  She's so cocky now and stares right at me like I'm no longer a force to to be reckoned with.









I watched silently as long as I could and then got so disgusted that I went into the study and sat on Larry's lap to see if I could help him figure out his new computer. 




What a day! 








PS - I found a new job already!  The roads are so bad that some people can't get to town to get their UPS Christmas packages.  Larry and I went and picked up all the neighbors packages and brought them back to the neighborhood and managed to get them delivered before the car went off the slippery road into the snowy ditch along with three other neighbors who had similar difficulties.  Guess that's the end of my mail delivery career.

Time to head to the boat is my advice.



Nice dog looking for job. Will do most work for regular pay of tasty chicken strips.  Experience:  Second mate on the Knotty Dog, deer chasing, Eagle watching, short stint delivering for UPS.  Also very easy to get along with, nice temperament, good loyal companion and good watch dog. Send inquiries: Ziggy@Knottydog.com






Merry Christmas!


Hey look who is showing up for Christmas Eve........