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Located about 50 yards from our deck is an eagle nest.  This page will record the events going on in the nest.

We will update this page every few days with new photos.

UPDATED July 25th
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It all starts in early April with Mother Eagle Sitting for about 6 weeks

I am still sitting

Look close, Dad's bring repairs
Watching over the new born down in the nest
Boy does it feel good to stretch my wings again
Stay away from my baby's
On guard for those who want my baby's.
A little Black Bird
for dinner my dear??
Stretching the wings already
I see you

.there are TWO !!


May 22nd Update


MAMA...I'm hungry !!
A little white meat for dinner ??
I need some help here !!
Look close for the pair of eyes
Just looking around
I'm the boss now !!



we think the 2nd baby did not make it, but will keep a close watch


May 29th


MOM & Jr just looking around.....Mom I got to go Poop..

































































Mom's instructing Jr on how to POOP without getting it in the nest












1st get your butt over the outside of the nest...











a little further out !!!













That's better and.....












I'm out of here  !!












sorry...we missed the actual "squirt" shot


Jr. is growing up fast