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This website has been designed for those friends and acquaintances that wanted to follow along our journey.  We’ve taken photos and written a journal of our experiences for all to share.  Nothing professional here, just a fun and honest interpretation of our adventure. 

We tried to put everything in a chronological order the best we could as we traveled.  It was not always easy to keep it going as the demands of the trip were great and the ports rustic.  We hope that our journal will be fun and allow you to join us from your arm chair, experiencing our laughs, fears, frustration, and elation along the way.

 We’re still updating as you read this so please check back every few days.

We hope you enjoy these narratives & pictures.

There are 4 Knotty Dogs in our lives:

Knotty Dog I (sold in 2003) was a 42 Grand Banks and was our home in the Alaska 2002 logs

Knotty Dog II (sold in 2007) was our Nordhavn 57 which was Home for our cruising in 2004 thru 2007


A quick tour of Knotty Dog (the 2nd)

Knotty Dog III is our protector that is use as our bread & breakfast boat in Friday Harbor area.

Our first experiences with the Protector

Knotty Dog IV is our Down East Campbell Custom Yacht ( Duffy Hull) located on the East Coast

Finding the perfect boat

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Copies are available and can be obtained by contacting Larry or Jayne Hemmerich

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